Solana Crypto Review – Scam or Not?

Solana Review

Solana Review

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Solana Key Features

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  • Solana claims to be the fastest blockchain in the world, with over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) and sub-second finality.
  • Solana has a growing ecosystem of projects, including DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, gaming platforms, and more.


  • Solana is still a relatively new project, launched in 2020, and may face technical challenges or security issues in the future.

Details/Product Description

Decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions are offered by the fully functional open-source project Solana, which relies on the permissionlessness of blockchain technology. Although the project’s conception and preliminary work started in 2017, the Solana Foundation, which has its main office in Geneva, Switzerland, formally launched Solana in March of that year.

Solana Reviews: One of the great expectations of 2023, this new crypto is performing very well in the financial sector with a steadily rising curve. Its innovative approach brings new strength to the crypto world after the recent decline.

Solana Crypto Valuations

Despite its late arrival in the crypto wallet market the coin rose quickly in terms of reputation. The increase in the price of the latter reached 21 400% in the month of September 2023.

The latter has very good scalability and a very high speed for transactions. Especially with a token volume set at 489 million by the Solana Foundation, it stabilizes its value. And that with only 260 million tokens currently in circulation. Moreover, the opinion of experts on the coin is, therefore, more than favorable.

Solana Crypto Review - Is it a promising crypto?

In our opinion, this coin is currently one of the promising new cryptocurrencies. It has shown explosive results since its ICO.

Best site to buy Solana

  1. XTB 
  2. AvaTrade
  3. eToro
  4. Binance
  5. Сoinbase
  6. Kraken

Does it have a future?

Opinion on the future of this crypto in the current market tends to be somewhat optimistic. With a current Solana price $24.277 and capitalisation of $9,872,459,719, it can be said that it has a good base in the market. Especially as the trading volume of up to $ 444 058 970, reinforces this apprehension. Moreover, its innovations mean that it has a good chance of holding its own in the long term. Indeed, the latter’s blockchain enables transactions at breathtaking speed. It would be able to process 50,000 transactions per second. For us, Fricacoin is as placed a promising cryptocurrency in the future.

What is Solana?

Launched in 2017, the project was the initiative of software engineer Anatoly Yakovenko. He was able to count on the help of Greg Fitzerald and Eric Williams.

Their goal was to create a protocol good enough to solve the blockchain trilemma. The main point is to improve speed and scalability. And that without having to sacrifice the decentralization of the network. The protocol in question, therefore, had to achieve high performance to overcome problems present in the Ethereum and even Bitcoin blockchain. It has received the support of many major brands:

How does Solana cryptocurrency work?

Due to its compatibility with smart contracts, we believe this crypto’s functionality should have some connection with Ethereum’s.

  • The basic protocol of the cryptocurrency is open source with a sin token.
  • With its GitHub page, it is quite extensive. It actually has 74 repositories and 14 contributors.
  • Its blockchain is heavily geared towards decentralized use. Thus, its main use remains primarily in the context of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).
  • Transaction processing speed can be further increased. At its best, the network should be able to handle 65,000 transactions per second.
  • Finally, in terms of fees, it has one of the lowest in the market. Transactions up to US$10 million are charged only US$1.

How to buy Solana Crypto in 2023?

Background information on the Solana blockchain

2017: Launch of the Solana ecosystem
The project is implemented under the management of the Loom company. However, the name changes then to avoid confusion with the Loom network.

2018: Completion of the tests
The internal tests were carried out and published in 2018.

2019: SOL ICO
The test results were finally deemed conclusive to allow the launch. This is while Solana’s launch ICO took place in 2017.

2020: Slow launch
The launch of the main net will take place this year. Among the new cryptocurrencies of 2020, it will have a rather modest launch.

2021: Explosion of the price
In 2021, the price exploded significantly. Its value increased by more than 12%. In terms of market capitalization, it ranked sixth among cryptos.

Solana price prediction in the next 5 years

It is necessary to use keywords such as prediction, forecast, and future with the years

Price prediction for 2023: 18.77 $
Price prediction 2023: 25.28 $
Crypto future for 2024: 44.61 $
Price forecast for 2025: 65.88 $
Crypto Price Forecast for 2030: 448.33 $

Solana blockchain investing - good idea or not?

Cryptocurrency is a profitable investment in our opinion. The best strategy for it is still buy and hold. This will ensure you make profits and protect your capital at the same time. In addition, the following different factors make an asset of choice:

  1. It is simple to use and easy to access. Especially since its scalability comes from the consensus system used for it, it is Proof-of-History (PoH). And to maximize security, it also relies on Proof of Deposit (PoS).
  2. The network placed in the ecosystem is known for its high stability. And this, while the cost remains very competitive compared to those in the market.
  3. Solana’s high processing speed ensures fast remittances for transactions.
  4. Financially, looking at Solana’s price it has made amazing progress. It showed a performance of over 2500% during the 16 weeks of the financial crash.

How to store this Crypto?

After we’ve discovered how to buy Solana we need to know how to store it. In terms of storage, you should know that it does not have its own wallet. The choice is therefore pretty free to see which wallets suit you. In our opinion, the choice for your crypto depends on your usage.

Therefore, an online storage is more efficient for trading coins. On the other hand, offline storage will be much more advisable for staking or holding with tokens.

Cold wallets

  1. MetaMask
  2. Ledger nano
  3. Trust wallet
  4. Trezor wallet
  5. Exodus wallet

Hot wallets

  1. AvaTrade
  2. Binance
  3. Coinbase
  4. Kraken
  5. ByBit
  6. Bitpanda
  8. Moonpay
  9. Ascendex
  10. OKX
  11. Paxful
  12. Bitvavo

Solana Crypto: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of buying:

  • Innovative and efficient technology
  • The network of Solana price fees and taxes is fixed
  • Transactions are processed quickly
  • The network is very stable

Disadvantages of investing:

  • Regulation is light enough to maintain the decentralization of the system


The blockchain is definitely the most innovative part of Crypto, in our opinion. In fact, the proof-of-history system set up by its founder is very efficient and may have positive impact on Solana price prediction. The contribution to scalability remains the great advance that this system has brought to the field of cryptography. To maintain a good level of security, it has also integrated proof-of-stake. This dual system is the basis for the performance of this crypto. It therefore enhances the reputation of this crypto to investors.


It is a high-performance blockchain platform designed to provide fast and scalable decentralised applications (dApps) and cryptocurrency transactions. It aims to address some of the scalability and throughput challenges faced by other blockchain networks, such as Ethereum. Solana’s focus on scalability and speed has made it particularly appealing for projects that require fast transaction confirmation times, such as high-frequency trading, decentralised exchanges, and gaming applications. As with any cryptocurrency or blockchain platform, it’s important to conduct thorough research before getting involved, as the landscape is rapidly evolving, and each project comes with its own set of risks and considerations.

It utilizes a combination of innovative technologies to achieve its goals of high scalability and fast transaction processing, which also influence the Solana price today. Some of the key technologies used include:

Proof of History (PoH): PoH is a unique time-keeping mechanism developed by themself. It creates a historical record of events in the network by creating verifiable proof of the order and time of transactions. This helps nodes reach a consensus on transaction order before they are included in blocks.

Tower BFT Consensus: It uses a variant of the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus algorithm called Tower BFT. This consensus mechanism allows the network to achieve high throughput and low latency while maintaining security.

Gulf Stream: Gulf Stream is a protocol that facilitates the flow of data between Solana’s different layers, optimizing communication between validators and the network.

Turbo Transactions: Turbo Transactions are the Solana ecosystem approach to bundling multiple transactions together to improve efficiency. This technique reduces the time it takes for transactions to be confirmed and included in blocks.

Sealevel Runtime: The Sealevel runtime is the environment where smart contracts run on their own network. It supports the execution of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Cryptography and Encryption: It employs cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and data, ensuring the integrity and privacy of network participants.

Proof of Stake (PoS): While Solana’s primary consensus mechanism is PoH combined with Tower BFT, it also integrates PoS for validator nodes. Validators stake tokens to participate in the network’s consensus process and earn the reward, which depends on Solana’s price.

The coin was founded by Anatoly Yakovenko. He is a software engineer and entrepreneur known for his work in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Anatoly Yakovenko played a crucial role in conceptualising and developing the blockchain platform, which aims to provide high-performance and scalable solutions for decentralised applications and cryptocurrency transactions. Anatoly’s background includes working at companies like Qualcomm and Dropbox before venturing into the world of blockchain technology. He recognized the need for a blockchain platform that could address the scalability challenges faced by existing networks, leading to the creation of this crypto. It’s important to note that this is a project developed by a team of engineers and contributors. While Anatoly Yakovenko is a prominent figure in the project, Solana’s success is the result of collaborative efforts from the entire team.

Like any blockchain platform, is designed with security in mind, and its team has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of the network and its users. However, the safety of using this or any other cryptocurrency platform also depends on individual actions, practices, and the broader ecosystem. Note, that safety is one essential for influencing on Solana’s price, so here are some factors to consider:

Protocol Security: It employs cryptographic techniques and consensus mechanisms to secure transactions and data within the network.

Smart Contract Audits: Smart contracts deployed should undergo thorough security audits to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The community encourages developers to follow best practices for smart contract security.

Network Attacks: Like any blockchain, it is susceptible to potential network attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks or 51% attacks. However, Solana’s consensus mechanism aims to provide strong security against such attacks.

Wallet Security: Users should practice good wallet security for saving SOL, such as using hardware wallets or secure software wallets, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping private keys and recovery phrases safe.

Phishing and Scams: Be cautious of phishing scams, fraudulent websites, and malicious applications that could lead to the loss of funds. Always verify the legitimacy of the websites and applications you interact with.

Community Vigilance: The community plays a role in identifying and addressing security concerns. Active communication within the community helps address vulnerabilities and risks more effectively.

Risk Management: As with any investment or use of cryptocurrencies, it’s important to assess your risk tolerance and only invest what you can afford to lose.

You can use various types of wallets to buy and store Solana’s native cryptocurrency. The questions of how to buy Solana and your choice of wallet depend on your preferences, level of security, and how you plan to use your tokens. Here are some options:

It’s Official Wallet (Sollet): The coin offers its official web wallet called Sollet. It’s a browser extension wallet that allows you to interact with the blockchain and manage your tokens directly from your browser. Sollet is convenient for quick access and transactions.

Hardware Wallets: Hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor offer enhanced security by keeping your private keys offline. You can use these wallets in combination with Solana-compatible applications to manage your holdings.

Desktop Wallets: Desktop wallets like Phantom provide a more secure option than web wallets, as they are installed on your computer. Phantom is a popular wallet designed specifically for the blockchain.

Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets like Trust Wallet and Sollet Mobile provide flexibility and convenience for managing SOL on your smartphone. These wallets are user-friendly and can be used for on-the-go transactions.

Exchanges: While not recommended for long-term storage, some exchanges allow you to store within your exchange account. However, this method puts your tokens at the risk of exchange-related security vulnerabilities.